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Our machinery ensures efficiency without compromising quality.

Premium Quality

Our wood fuels are all EN Plus A1 standard certified.


Starting from just £175 per tonne, we make wood fuel more accessible.

Local Supplier

All wood used is not only UK based, FSC ® assured and in most cases local to our manufacturing location.

Environmentally Friendly

Wood pellets burn cleanly and are extremely efficient.

Domestic & Commercial

We can supply orders of all sizes, for more info get in touch.

We pursue our passion for finest quality fuel.

Learn more about the process all our products undertake before they reach the shelves & ultimately your home.

Wood pellets are manufactured from the residue created from the manufacturing of other timber products. Off-cut logs, edge trimmings and chipped timber form the basis of our manufacturing process. Pellets and briquettes are then bagged in either retail packs, tonne bags or bulk transferred via vehicles.

The Blazers Fuel Logs are made from 100% Natural Virgin wood and contain no additives. All our wood is sourced from the UK and is FSC ® certified.The Blazers Fuel Logs give a lovely natural flame in your open fire or wood burning stove, and give off a tremendous amount of heat and produce less tar, which will mean you will have a cleaner chimney.

Blazers pellets are clean and can be easily handled without any mess. The pellets are held together by the woods natural lignin, which is released during the pelletizing process due to the heat and compression. Blazers En Plus A1 pellets can be used in domestic pellet boilers as well commercial applications.

Who Uses Blazers Wood Fuel?