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Blazers EN plus A1 Wood Fuel Pellets


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Blazers EN plus A1 Wood Fuel Pellets

Blazers EN plus A1 Wood Fuel Pellets are produced in our futuristic pellet mill situated in the hills of North Wales. We manufacture pellets from natural Virgin Wood, sourced from sustainable and well managed forests. We carry the FSC ® certification on both our sites and all the timber is UK sourced. Our wood pellets are also accredited with the EN Plus A1 Standard which offers full assurance that we meet the required European Quality Standards for the manufacture and supply of wood pellets. For our customers who desire to buy more in one load, why not take a look at our 1 Tonne Loose Blazers 6MM EN Plus Fuel Pellets or perhaps our excellently efficient Blazers fuel logs. We’re confident that you will be pleased with our products and look forward to heating your home for years to come! For more information or enquiries regarding delivery or bulk orders, please visit our contact page and we would be more than happy to help any your questions.


  • Only 100% virgin wood from sustainable sources.
  • All wood is UK sourced and FSC ® approved.
  • Made in Wales.
  • EN Plus A1 standard guarantee.
  • Hetas approved.
  • BSL approved – BSL0011944-0002


  • 6mm in diameter.
  • Very clean to use.
  • Low ash.
  • High calorific value (4.9kwh).
  • Available in easy to handle 15kg bags.


  • Lower running costs.
  • High energy yield.
  • Helping towards a greener planet.
  • Ash produced can be used on your garden as a nutritious fertiliser.
  • Wood Pellets burn at a consistent high temperatures.

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33 x 15KG, 65 x 15KG, 1 x 1T


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