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Blazer’s Premium Wood Fuel Logs

When you buy a bag of Blazer’s Premium Wood Fuel Logs online, you know that you have purchased a product which has been 100% manufactured at our sawmill in Ruthin, North Wales.

Blazer’s Premium Wood Fuel Logs are also friendly to your pets. If they are not keen on coal spitting or cracking they will love our fuel logs as they give off no sparks or spitting. The family dog will be happy falling asleep in front of the fire. Blazers are also very clean to handle unlike coal, they can also be broken much more easily than logs, and are suitable for all sizes of fireplace grates, stove fires and AGA type ovens (please check your manufacturer’s instructions). Our Blazer’s Premium Wood Fuel Logs give a lovely natural flame in your open fire or wood burning stove, and give off a tremendous amount of heat and produce less tar, which will mean you will have a cleaner chimney.

Our premium wood fuel logs are also available in the form of our blazers chiminea and fire pit fuel product. Ideal for those summers evenings spent relaxing outdoors in the comfort of chiminea or fire pit.

What are the benefits?

  • Natural – 100% wood
  • No additives
  • No sparks or spitting
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Burn hotter and heat quicker
  • Less tar and cleaner chimneys
  • Clean and easy to handle
  • No chopping
  • Little ash
  • Always store in a dry place
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